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  • Capital Market [Search]
    Articles and reports on capital markets
  • Euromoney
    Online journal on the world's capital, equity and money markets. The majority of the site is free but requires registration.
  • FEN Capital Markets: Asset Pricing and Valuation [Search]
    Publishes working and accepted paper abstracts covering a range of topics, including investments, investment management, portfolio theory, the term structure of interest rates, international markets, and asset pricing models (Financial Economics Network)
  • FEN Capital Markets: Market Efficiency [Search]
    Publishes working and paper abstracts covering a range of topics, including efficient markets theory and evidence, the informational role of prices, and the speed of reaction of prices to information (Financial Economics Network)
  • FEN Capital Markets: Market Microstructure [Search]
    Publishes working and accepted paper abstracts covering a range of topics, including bid-ask spreads, the microstructure of different markets, and the role of inventory costs and asymmetric information on trading of risky assets (Financial Economics Network)
  • Finance & Development [Search]
    Published quarterly in English Arabic Chinese French German Portuguese and Spanish by the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • International Securities Law [Search]
    Reference service of the latest international securities regulations
  • LSN Corporate Law: Corporate and Securities Law [Search]
    Publishes abstracts of working papers as well as articles in corporate law, securities law and related fields of scholarship (On Social Science Research Network - SSRN)
  • Public Policy for the Private Sector [Search]
    A quarterly journal published by the World Bank's Finance, Private Sector, & Infrastructure Network. The journal is a collection of policy briefs and case studies dealing with privatization, regulation and finance in emerging markets
  • Stanford Journal of Law Business & Finance [Search]
    Homepage (Stanford University USA)
  • World Securities Law Report [Search]
    A monthly journal on news and in-depth analysis of changes affecting securities, derivatives, foreign exchange and other financial instruments

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