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DIAL (Development of the Internet for Asian Law)
An Asian Development Bank Regional Technical Assistance Project


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DIAL News is part of DIAL (Development of the Internet for Asian Law) and is compiled by the DIAL Team at the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII).

It highlights new legislation and other new material added to WorldLII. It includes a Law and Development section, Research Tips, information about DIAL Training and a Featured Website (a major new website recently added to the WorldLII Catalog). Subscription information is below.

DIAL News Archive

2002 | 2001




To subscribe to the DIAL User List, send an email to with the message 'subscribe dial-user'. You can leave the subject line blank. Do not include anything else in the message body.

Please feel free to distribute DIAL News to interested colleagues. Please try to avoid unsanctioned cross-postings to news groups or email lists. DIAL News will be posted to relevant Internet lists from AustLII.

We would like to receive comments and suggestions for improvements to the Newsletter via the DIAL User List. Remember if you have any questions about legal research using DIAL, or other questions about legal research using the Internet, you can send your questions to the DIAL User List and the DIAL Team will do its best to assist.

DIAL Users can participate in the development of WorldLII/DIAL by forwarding new legal websites to add to any of the source, subject or country pages either through the DIAL User List or by sending an email to us.

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