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3. Finding law about a subject

The aim of this section is to help you find legal materials on any subject matter.

3.1. Browsing Subjects

If a Subjects page is available for the information for which you are looking, you should use it. It may be easier than trying to construct searches using search engines - it depends on the subject matter.

  1. Go to the Categories >> Subjects page:
  2. Task: From the Categories >> Subjects >> Insolvency & Bankruptcy pages, find materials on cross-border insolvency.

3.2. Searching for subjects

On each page of World Law there is a choice between searching

  1. Go to the Subjects >> Primary Industry >> Fisheries page. Try to find legal materials on the issue of fishing. Compare the results from each of the search scope options available from World Law.
  2. Search All World Law for webpages that deal with your first subject of interest. Query:
  3. Now repeat these searches for your second subject of interest.

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