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About the International Legal Scholarship Library

The International Legal Scholarship Library aims to provide a comprehensive search facility for all academic law journals available via WorldLII and other Legal Information Institutes (LIIs) and the nearly 20,000 law journal articles and academic papers available through the Legal Scholarship Network (LSN). Currently, the search facility below allows searches over 45 law journals databases.

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Aboriginal Law Bulletin (AboriginalLB) 1981-1997 (AustLII)
ALRC Reform Journal 1995- (AustLII)
Alternative Law Journal (AltLawJl) 1999- (AustLII)
Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law (AsPacJlEnvLaw) 2004- (AustLII)
Auckland University Law Review (AukULRev) 2003- (NZLII)
Australian Indigenous Law Reporter (AILR) 1996- (AustLII)
Australian Journal of Human Rights (AJHR) 1994- (AustLII)
Australian Journal of Legal History (AJLH) 2003- (AustLII)
Australian & New Zealand Maritime Law Journal (ANZMLJ) 1983- (AustLII)
Bond Law Review (BondLRev) 1998- (AustLII)
Bond Dispute Resolution Newsletter (BondDRN) 1999- (AustLII)
Corporate Governance eJournal (Bond) (BondCGeJ) 2005- (AustLII)
Deakin Law Review (DeakinLRev) 2001- (AustLII)
Digital Technology Law Journal (DTLJ) 1999- (AustLII)
The Economic and Labour Relations Review (ELRRev) 2006- (AustLII)
eJournal of Tax Research (eJTR) 2003- (AustLII)
Elder Law Review (ElderLRev) 2002- (AustLII)
EPIC Alert 1994- (WorldLII)
Federal Law Review (FedLRev) 2001- (AustLII)
High Court Review (HCRev) 1995-2000 (AustLII)
Human Rights Defender (HRD) 1994- (AustLII)
ISIL Year Book of International Humanitarian and Refugee Law (ISILYBIHRL) 2001- (CommonLII)
Indigenous Law Bulletin (ILB) 1995- (AustLII)
James Cook University Law Review (JCULRev) 2002- (AustLII)
Journal of Australian Taxation (JATax) 2005- (AustLII)
Journal of the Australasian Tax Teachers Association (JATTA) 2005- (AustLII)
Journal of Information, Law and Technology (JILT) 1996- (BAILII)
Journal of Law and Financial Management (JLFM) 2002- (AustLII)
Journal of Law, Information and Science (JlLawInfoSci) 2001 - (AustLII)
Journal of Malaysian and Comparative Law 2002- (CommonLII)
Journal of South Pacific Law 1997- (PacLII)
Macquarie Business Law Journal 2004- (AustLII)
Macquarie Journal of International and Comparative Environmental Law (MqJICEL) 2004- (AustLII)
Macquarie Law Journal 2001- (AustLII)
Macquarie Legal Symposium (MqLSymp) 2006 - (AustLII)
Melbourne Journal of International Law (MelbJIL) 1999- (AustLII)
Melbourne University Law Review 1999- (AustLII)
Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law (MurUEJL) 1993- (AustLII)
Otago Law Review (OtaLawRw) 1965- (AustLII)
Privacy Law and Policy Reporter 1994- (AustLII)
Privacy Laws and Business International Newsletter 1998- (WorldLII)
Queensland University of Technology Law and Justice Journal (QUTLJJ) 2001- (AustLII)
Revenue Law Journal (RevenueLJ) 1990- (AustLII)
Script-ed 2004- (BAILII)
SSRN - Legal Scholarship Network (SSRN)
Sports Law eJournal (SportsLeJ) 2005- (AustLII)
Sydney Law Review (SydLawRw) 1953- (AustLII)
University of New England Law Journal (UNELJ) 2004- (AustLII)
University of NSW Law Journal (UNSWLawJl) 1975- (AustLII)
University of Technology, Sydney Law Review (UTSLR) 1999- (AustLII)
Utrecht Law Review (UtrechtLawRw) 2005- (WorldLII)
Victoria University of Wellingtion Law Review (VUWLawRw) 1998- (NZLII)
Waikato Law Review (WkoLRev) 1994- (NZLII)

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