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EPIC Alert 1.08 [1994] EPICAlert 8


Volume 1.08 December 16, 1994

Published by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
Washington, DC

Table of Contents: Special Issue: Privacy Resources

[1] Privacy Organizations
[2] Publications
[3] Net Sites for Privacy
[4] Privacy Mailing Lists and Newsgroups
[5] Donations for EPIC
[6] Upcoming Conferences and Events
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[1] Privacy Organizations

Electronic Privacy Information Center. EPIC was established in 1994 tofocus public attention on emerging privacy issues relating to theNational Information Infrastructure, such as the Clipper Chip, theDigital Telephony proposal, medical records privacy and the sale ofconsumer data. EPIC conducts litigation, sponsors conferences,
produces reports, publishes the EPIC Alert and leads campaigns onprivacy issues. For more info, email:, orHTTP:// /epic. EPIC, 666 Penn. Ave, SE, Suite 301,
Washington, DC 20003. (202) 544-9240 (tel). Director: Marc Rotenberg.

Privacy International. An international human rights group based inLondon, England with offices in Washington, DC and Sydney, Australia.
PI has members in over 40 countries and has led campaigns againstprivacy violations in numerous countries including Australia, NewZealand, and the Philippines. PI publishes the International PrivacyBulletin and sponsors international conferences on privacy issues.
Email Privacy International c/o EPIC, 666 Penn. Ave, SE,
Suite 301, Washington, DC 20003. Director General: Simon Davies.

US Privacy Council. A coalition of US privacy groups and individualsfounded in 1991 to deal with privacy issues in the US. USPC works inWashington monitoring legislation and the activities of governmentagencies. USPC works closely with other groups on privacy issuesincluding National ID cards, reforming credit reporting, Caller ID andinternational issues. Email: P.O. Box 15060,
Washington, DC 20003. (202) 829-3660 (tel). Chair: Evan Hendricks.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. A California-based organization formedin 1992. The Clearinghouse has produced many fact sheets and an annualreport, and maintains a toll free hotline to provide advice toconsumers about their rights. Email: 5998 AlcalaPark, San Diego, CA 92110. (619) 260-4806 (tel). 800-773-7748 (in Cal.
only). Director: Beth Givens.

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility. A nationalmembership organization of people concerned about the impact oftechnology on society. CPSR sponsors an annual conference, maintainsnumerous mailing lists on computer-related issues, a large internetsite of information and publishes a quarterly newsletter. It has 24local chapters across the US and several international affiliates.
CPSR sponsors working groups on civil liberties, working in thecomputer industry and others. Contact: PO Box717, Palo Alto, CA 94301. (415) 322-3778 (tel). Managing Director:
Kathleen Kells.

Internet Society. Group dedicated to fostering evolution of theInternet and its use. Sponsors yearly conference, publishes excellentquarterly newsletter, works with standards committees to developInternet standards for networking and privacy. Email: 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 270, Reston,
VA 22091. (703) 648-9888 (tel). Executive Director: Anthony Rutkowski.

Electronic Frontier Foundation. Formed in 1990. Maintains an Internetsite, publishes an electronic newsletter, and lobbies in Washington.
Email: 1667 K St. NW, Suite 801, Washington, DC20006-1605 USA 202-347-5400 (tel). Director: Andrew Taubman.

American Civil Liberties Union. National civil liberties organization.
Originally founded in 1920, the ACLU conducts extensive litigation onConstitutional issues including privacy, and free speech. The ACLUWashington office lobbies Congress for civil liberties and civilrights issues. Email: 322 Eighth Ave, New York, NY10001. Executive Director: Ira Glasser.

Cypherpunks. Informal group that develops technological solutions toprotect privacy. the Cypherpunks write cryptography and otherprograms, set up anonymous remailers and discuss political andtechnical issues. Meetings are also regularly held in California andother states. ftp/gopher
Voters Telecom Watch. NY based cyber-rights lobbying group. In 1994lobbied against the FBI Wiretap bill and for relaxation of exportcontrols on cryptography. Affiliated with Society for ElectronicAccess. Contact:
Society for Electronic Access. NY-based electronic civil libertiesorganization promotes "civil liberties and access in cyberspace".
Email: or P.O. Box 7081, NewYork, NY 10116-7081. (212) 592-3801. President: Simona Nass.

EFF Austin. Austin, TX-based, electronic civil liberties organizationfounded in 1990. Purpose is to engage in and support educationalactivities that promote a clearer understanding of the social, legal,
and technical issues surrounding online telecommunications. Contact: or (gopher/ftp) Also see newsgroupaustin.eff. PO Box 18957, Austin, TX 78760. President: David Smith.

[2] Publications

Privacy Times. Biweekly newsletter on information law. Each issuecovers developments related to privacy and information access,
including summaries of court decisions on the Freedom of InformationAct and other relevant statutes. Editor: Evan Hendricks. Address: P.O.
Box 21501, Washington, DC 21501. (202) 829-3660. Cost: $250/Year
Privacy Journal. A monthly journal on mainly US privacy, now in its20th year of publication. Editor: Robert Ellis Smith. P.O. Box 28577,
Providence, RI 02908. (401) 274-7861 (tel). Cost: $109/year. The PJalso publishes numerous books and compendiums on privacy including itsexcellent yearly Compilation of State and Federal Laws.

International Privacy Bulletin. Published quarterly by PrivacyInternational. The IPB covers international trends and newtechnologies. Each issue also includes reports from differentcountries and reviews of new publications. Editor: Dave Banisar. 666Penn. Ave, SE #301, Washington, DC 20003. (202) 544-9240 (tel). Cost:
$50/year individuals, $200/year organizations.

Privacy and American Business. Published bi-monthly. A new publicationprovides the industry perspective on privacy. Editor: Bob Belair.
Bimonthly with special issues. Two University Plaza, Suite 414,
Hackensack, NJ 07601. (201) 996-1154 (tel). Cost: $395/year.

Full Disclosure. A monthly newspaper on surveillance and civilliberties issues. Editor: Glen Roberts. Box 734, Antioch, IL 60002.
(708) 395-6200. Cost: $29.95/year.

Low Profile. Asset protection and financial privacy. Publishedmonthly. Editor: Mark Nestman. P.O. Box 84910, Phoenix, AZ 85701.
702-333-5942 (tel). Cost: $149/year.

Privacy and Security 2001. Technical aspects of privacy and security.
Focuses on electronic surveillance and counter-measures with recentassaults on privacy highlighted. Editor Jim Ross. 504 Shaw Road, Suite222, Sterling, VA 20166. (703) 318-8600. 10/year. $35/year.

2600 Magazine. Inside technical information on telephone and computernetwork operations. Published quarterly. Editor: Emmanual Goldstein.
Email P.O. Box 752, Middle Island, NY 11953.

Privacy Law and Policy Reporter. A well written, law-oriented overviewof privacy developments in NZ and Australia. 10 issues/year. Level 11,
Carlton Centre, 55-63 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.
61-2-221-6199 (tel). Cost: $AZ 345
Transnational Data and Communications Report. Bimonthly internationaloverview of privacy, data protection, telecommunications andinformation access. Editor: Russell Pipe. P.O. Box 10528, Burke VA22009-0528. Cost: $280/year.

Privacy Laws and Business. A quarterly comprehensive overview ofprivacy issues in Europe. Focuses mainly on regulatory and dataprotection from a business perspective. Editor: Stewart Dresner.
Cost: 3 Central Avenue, Pinner, Middlesex HA5 5BT United Kindgom.
44-81-866-8641(tel). $UK 240/year.

[3] Net Sites

ACLU On-line Reading Room. Files on civil liberties. ftp/
CPSR Internet Library. Maintains the online archives for CPSR, EPICPrivacy International and others. FTP/Gopher/WAIS/HTTP /cpsr
Cypherpunks. Archives on cryptography and other privacy technologies.
Electronic Frontier Foundation Archives. Archives on privacy, freespeech, underground newsletters., FTP:
Electronic Privacy Information Center. Includes back issues of EPICAlert, privacy resources, legislation, and articles.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. E-mail: Gopher:
Telnet: (local> c teetot, login: privacy). BBS:
619-260-4670 (same login as telnet).

[4] Electronic Newsgroups and Mailing Lists

Unmoderated Newsgroups and mailing lists:

Alt.privacy. Unmoderated discussion on privacy. High traffic, lowcontent.

Alt.privacy clipper. Unmoderated discussion of the Clipper chip andencryption policy. Unmoderated discussion of issues related to theComputer Professionals for Social Responsibility. Topics includeprivacy, the NII, telecommunications reform and social implications oftechnology. Unmoderated discussion of issues related to theElectronic Frontier Foundation.

Cypherpunks Mailing list. Discussion of cryptography and technicalprotections of privacy. Warning: High Traffic (100+ messages/day).

Sci.crypt. Unmoderated technical discussion of encryption.

talk.politics.crypto. Unmoderated discussion of the Clipper chip andencryption policy.

Moderated Newsletters and Digests:

EPIC Alert. Biweekly electronic newsletter of the Electronic PrivacyInformation Center. Mail to 1st line: subscribecpsr-announce. Back issues at /cpsr/alert and

CPSR-Global. A new CPSR sponsored mailing list on Global informationinfrastructure issues. Moderator: Marsha Woodbury. To subscribe, with the 1st line: subscribe cpsr-global
Risks Digest. Moderated digest on risks to the public using computersand related systems. Newsgroup: comp.risk. Also available as mailinglist from email: 1st line: SUBSCRIBE. BackIssues at ftp /risks. Moderator: Peter Neumann.

Computer Privacy Digest. Moderated digest on privacy. Newsgroup:
comp.society.privacy. at Moderator: Len Levine. ToSubscribe, email:, 1st line "subscribe"
Back issues gopher:, ftp:

Computer Underground Digest. Weekly moderated digest on computerunderground, privacy, free speech issues. Newsgroup: Email at LISTSERVVMD.CSO.UIUC.EDU, 1st line:
SUB CUDIGEST . Back issues at Moderator: Jim Thomas.

Computer Privacy Forum. Moderated digest on privacy sponsored by ACM.
To subscribe, send message: help to Backissues at /privacy or
Moderator: Lauren Weinstein. Moderated mailing list for CPSR. Includes EPICAlert, and other CPSR newsletters and releases. Also available asmailing list. See EPIC Alert for subscription info.

VTW Announce. Moderated mailing list of Voters Telecomm Watch., 1st line of the message: SUBSCRIBE VTW-ANNOUNCE.

[5] Contributions to EPIC

If you'd like to support the work of the Electronic PrivacyInformation Center, contributions are welcome and fullytax-deductible. Checks should be made out to "The Fund forConstitutional Government" and sent to EPIC, 666 Pennsylvania Ave.,
SE, Suite 301, Washington DC 20003.

Your contributions will help support Freedom of Information Actlitigation, strong and effective advocacy for the right of privacy andefforts to oppose Clipper and Digital Telephony wiretapping proposals.

[6] Upcoming Privacy Related Conferences and Events

1995 Data Security Conference. Jan 9-11, 1995. Redwood City, CA.
Sponsored by RSA Data Security. Contact:

Second International Conference on Information Warfare: "Chaos on theElectronic Superhighway" Jan 18-19, Montreal, CA. January 18, 1995,
Sponsored by NCSA. Contact: Mich Kabay (

Privacy, The Information Infrastructure and Healthcare Reform, OhioState University, Columbus, OH, Jan. 27. Contact:

Towards an Electronic Patient Record '95. Orlando, FL. Mar. 14-19,
1995. Sponsored by Medical Records Institute. Contact: 617-964-3926(fax).

Access, Privacy, and Commercialism: When States Gather PersonalInformation, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA, March 17.
Contact: Trotter Hardy 804 221-3826.

Computers, Freedom and Privacy '95. Palo Alto, Ca. Mar. 28-31, 1995.
Sponsored by ACM. Contact:

ETHICOMP95: An international conference on the ethical issues ofusing Information Technology, DeMontfort University, Leicester,
ENGLAND, March 28-30, 1995. Contact: Simon Rogerson 44533 577475 (phone) 44 533 541891 (Fax).

1995 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, Oakland, CA, May 8-10.

INET '95. Honolulu, HI. June 28-30, 1995. Sponsored by the InternetSociety. Contact

Key Players in the Introduction of Information Technology: TheirSocial Responsibility and Professional Training. July 5-6-7, 1995.
Namur, Belgium. Sponsored by CREIS. Contact:

(Send calendar submissions to

The EPIC Alert is a free biweekly publication of the ElectronicPrivacy Information Center. To subscribe, send the message:

to You may also receive the Alert by reading theUSENET newsgroup

Back issues are available via FTP/WAIS/Gopher/HTTP from and on Compuserve at Keyword: NCSA, Library 2(EPIC/Ethics). A HTML version of the current issue is available

The Electronic Privacy Information Center is a public interestresearch center in Washington, DC. It was established in 1994 tofocus public attention on emerging privacy issues relating to theNational Information Infrastructure, such as the Clipper Chip, theDigital Telephony proposal, medical record privacy, and the sale ofconsumer data. EPIC is sponsored by the Fund for ConstitutionalGovernment and Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility. EPICpublishes the EPIC Alert and EPIC Reports, pursues Freedom ofInformation Act litigation, and conducts policy research on emergingprivacy issues. For more information, email, WWW atHTTP:// /epic or write EPIC, 666 Pennsylvania Ave.,
SE, Suite 301, Washington, DC 20003. (202) 544-9240 (tel), (202)
547-5482 (fax).

The Fund for Constitutional Government is a non-profit organizationestablished in 1974 to protect civil liberties and constitutionalrights. Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility is a nationalmembership organization of people concerned about the impact oftechnology on society. For information contact:
END EPIC Alert 1.08

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