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SCRIPT-ed Open License (SOL) [2009] PubRL 52 (1 January 2009)

SCRIPT-ed Open License (SOL)

Version: No

Copyright: AHRC Center for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law.


Type: Content

Media: Text

Country: International

Licence text

This Work is offered under the terms and conditions of the SCRIPT-ed Open Licence (the Licence). The Author retains all assignable intellectual property rights over the Work, and grants the User the rights hereby stated. By using the Work, the User explicitly accepts to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1. Definitions

“Work”: the text subject to this Licence.
“Author”: the person(s) who created the Work.
“User”: the person who reads, copies, issues copies of the work, translates, displays, performs or broadcasts the Work.
“Modification”: any change to the Work, including changes to the punctuation and the order of the Work.
“Adaptation”: a work that is based substantially on the original Work, or that includes the Work in its entirety.
“Commercial Use”: any reproduction of the work distributed to the public for the purpose of monetary reward by any means of exploitation.
"Publication": any issue of copies of the Work to the public by any means.

2. Grant of Licence

The Author hereby grants the User the rights to copy, issue copies of the Work to the public, translate, display, perform and broadcast the Work for strictly non Commercial Use; unless in doing so the User infringes any of the conditions included in the Licence.

3. Moral rights

This Licence does not constitute a waiver of the Author’s moral rights. Therefore, the Author asserts the right to receive attribution of the Work in any reproductions of the Work by any of the granted means, and such attribution will be done in a clear and visible manner. The Author also asserts the right not to have his/her work subjected to derogatory treatment.

4. Modification

a) The User may not modify the work for Publication, unless it is for the purposes of translation into another language, in which case the Author’s identity will be clearly specified. The translator’s identity can be included to the main text with the clear indication that he/she is the translator.
b) All other Modifications have to be approved by the Author.

5. Adaptations

a) The User will not include the Work in any Adaptation for Commercial Use, unless the Author has given his/her express permission to do so. Any inclusion of the Work in a commercial Adaptation will be considered an infringement of the Author’s intellectual property.
b) Any inclusion of the Work in an Adaptation distributed for non-commercial purposes must clearly attribute authorship.
c) When distributing an Adaptation, the User will include information about where an unmodified version of the Work may be found. The User must make reasonable efforts to ensure such information is correct and up to date.
d) The User is free to issue copies of the Work to the public under any licence that he/she prefers, provided that the licence maintains the prohibition to distribute the Work for Commercial Use.

6. Warranty

The Author presents this Work as seen, and offers no warranty as to the accuracy of its content.

7. Limitation of Liability

Unless otherwise specified by law, the Author will not be liable for any incidental, consequential or indirect loss or damage arising from the use of this Work.

8. Termination

The Author will exercise the right to terminate the Licence under breach of the terms and conditions included in this Licence.

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