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About the International Law Library

The International Law Library is developed with the assistance of all LIIs whose databases are searchable via WorldLII. The International Law Library includes both the International Treaties Collection and the International Courts and Tribunals Collection. More information about the Library can be found in the International Law Library brochure (PDF)

The Library's development is funded for 2014-15 by the Australian Research Council (ARC) LIEF scheme, and aspects of it have previously been funded by ARC LIEF grants in 2009-10 and prior to 2007, and by a Research Infrastructure Block Grant (RIBG) at UNSW in 2007.

Development of the International Law Library is assisted by Investigators from five law schools and an advisory panel. Details of the project's aims, participants and publications are in 'About the International Law Library LIEF Project'.

WorldLII thanks those organisations that provide it with data, funding and other assistance.

To provide comments and suggest additions to the Library, please contact