Offer to publish decisions of data protection and privacy authorities in WorldLII's International Privacy Law Library

Background to the Library

The Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII), a not-for-profit and free-access joint initiative of the Faculties of Law at UNSW Australia and the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), operates the World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII) in conjunction with other free-access Legal Information Institutes (LIIs) around the world.

The International Privacy Law Library is part of WorldLII. One of the aims of the Library is to include in one searchable location the decisions of as many privacy authorities (Data Protection Authorities, Privacy Commissioners, Privacy Enforcement Authorities, Tribunals and the like) as possible, as well as key Court decisions on data protection where possible. This will enable better cross-jurisdictional location and comparison of decisions on similar privacy principles made in different jurisdictions. In the longer run it may assist the development of an international privacy jurisprudence.

As at 30 April 2014, the Library's 32 databases includes about 3,600 decisions of 13 privacy and data protection authorities, from Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Korea, Macau, Mauritius, the United States and the European Union, plus many hundreds of decisions by appeal tribunals and courts. These decisions are located on AustLII, NZLII, BAILII, HKLII, AsianLII and WorldLII. The whole Library includes over 8,500 searchable items, including Court and tribunal decisions, law journal articles, law reform publications, legislation and international agreements concerning privacy.

Offer to host decisions by all privacy authorities

AustLII therefore offers to all Data Protection Authorities, Privacy Enforcement Authorities, similar privacy bodies, and specialist privacy tribunals, to include databases of their decisions/case notes, in the Library, insofar as AustLII's resources enable this. The databases of decisions/case notes will be hosted on WorldLII unless hosting on another national or regional LII that cooperates with WorldLII is more appropriate and available.

We can clarify this offer further as follows:

For further discussion, please contact AustLII/WorldLII Co-Director, Professor Graham Greenleaf at <>. Technical issues concerning provision of data should be discussed with AustLII/WorldLII Executive Director, Dr Philip Chung <>.

If you wish to discuss the experience of a privacy authority that has included its decisions in the Library for some years, please contact Blair Stewart, Assistant Privacy Commissioner, New Zealand (Blair.Stewart [at]

Development of the Library has previously been assisted by funding from an Australian Research Council project, 'Interpreting Privacy Principles'. Its current expansion receives funding assistance from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, New Zealand resulting from surplus funds following an APEC workshop in 2013.

AustLII/WorldLII Co-Directors, 1 May 2014