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2. Finding law from a country

This section is for where you know you are interested in the law of a particular country. How do you find it?

2.1. Browse resources from a country

If you can find information simply by browsing the World Law catalog, that may be the easiest way to find it.

  1. From the Categories >> Countries page, go to your non-Asian country. Try to find one web site providing each of the following types of information for that country (for some countries, not all of these will be available, just find as many as you can). Go to each web site and look at it briefly.
  2. For your non-Asian country, can you browse to a web site providing information about any of the following subjects?:
  3. Go back to the Categories >> Countries page, and go to your Asian country. How many of the types of information and the subjects covered in the previous two questions can you find for this country?
  4. On your Asian country's page, try to find some of the resources you have not yet been able to find in the previous three questions, by looking at catalogs / indexes that others have created. Do this in two ways:

2.2. Finding legal subjects using Stored Searches

Where information cannot be found by browsing, Stored Searches may make searching easier.

  1. For your Asian country, click on the Search All World Law: [name of country]. Now modify the stored search and try to find material about that country's laws concerning the following subjects:
  2. For your non-Asian country, repeat the above question.

2.3. Searches over a country's pages

World Law / DIAL allows limited scope searches. It is sometimes valuable to do a search from a country's page for a subject, to find information from that country on the subject.

  1. From the page for your non-Asian country, click in the circle for Only World Law [name of the country] and enter a search for:
  2. Task: Find what you can about South Korea's trade mark law, using all of the 3 approaches above.

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