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DIAL Training

Development of the Internet for Asian Law

An Asian Development Bank Regional Technical Assistance Project

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Please Note: The DIAL Training pages are now an archive site which is not being updated. Project DIAL was completed in December 2002. AustLII wishes to thank the Asian Development Bank for its generous support for this project, and also to thank all of our training partners and trainees in the seven countries in which DIAL training took place.

DIAL (Development of the Internet for Asian Law) was a project funded by the Asian Development Bank which aimed to make it easier to find and use legislation-related materials on the Internet. DIAL is a free access one-stop starting point to the world of legal information on the Internet.

DIAL is a catalog and search facility of legal materials on the Internet from all countries worldwide. DIAL does not add new legal materials to the Internet - it provides better access to what is already there.

Further information about the Asian Development Bank can be obtained at the ADB website and related links can be found on WorldLII at Inter-Government Organisations >> Asian Development Bank (ADB).

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DIAL User List

A low-volume moderated email list for DIAL Users.


Highlights new legislation and other new material added to WorldLII.

DIAL In-Country Training

DIAL provides in-country training in Internet legal research to government lawyers in seven selected Developing Member Countries (DMCs) under the ADB Regional Technical Assistance Project: the People's Republic of China, Mongolia, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Viet Nam and Cambodia.


An email facility for DIALogue Panelists and Authorised Users (Restricted access).

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